Personal Support Worker

A Personal Support Worker, is someone who looks after the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of a patient or client who is not able to do so themselves, typically in the elderly population. The main responsibilities of a Personal Support Worker include ensuring the patient has healthy and nutritious meals, helping the patient with daily tasks, and working with an interdisciplinary team to ensure the best quality of care.

Duties Include but are not limited too:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their practical and emotional needs.
  • Following care plans that best suit the clients’ needs.
  • Providing emotional support by talking to clients about their needs and listening to their concerns.
  • Assisting with domestic tasks including shopping, cooking, cleaning, and washing.
  • Tending to the healthcare needs of each client.
  • Training family members in basic support techniques.
  • Helping clients to participate in leisure activities.
  • Making care notes and writing in a communication log or Book.


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